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A longer warranty may not promise a certain Lifespan . if you read the contract terms. If the mattress is stained because you didn't use a mattress protector, or if you don't use a matching foundation (like a box spring) beneath the mattress, it could invalidate the warranty.
Mattresses last five to 10 years as a general rule. However, you should decide when it's time to replace your mattress based off of other warning signs. Are you waking up sore? Is your mattress feeling lumpy? Do you sleep better on other mattresses, like at a hotel? These are all signs that it’s time to go shopping. Don't forget to extend the life of your new pad by using a mattress protector, which can keep out keep out dust, allergens, spills, and other hazards.

There are three common types of mattresses: innerspring, foam, and adjustable. There's no one right material to choose, but in general, side sleepers need a softer mattress, stomach sleepers need a firm one, and back sleepers fall somewhere in between. Beyond the types of mattresses and firmness, you'll need to think about a few other factors. From sleep style to negotiating with a bedfellow

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  • Look for a mattress with the proper level of spinal alignment support for your body. When you lie on your back, you should not feel your back arch at all. Someone looking at you from a distance should see your head, hips and toes all in line with each other, which probably means your shoulders and hips are settled into the mattress somewhat. There should not be space between your lower back and your mattress.

  • Look for a mattress with the proper level of pressure relief for your body. When you lie on your side, you should not feel any pressure on your shoulder or hip.

  • Look for a mattress that isolates motion from one side of the mattress to the other. Take your partner shopping with you. Lie on the mattress together and have your partner toss and turn. The more you feel the mattress jiggle, the more fragmented your sleep is likely to be.

  • Be prepared to take your time and ask questions. Buying a mattress shouldn’t be a rush decision but something you spend time looking into. Start with a comfort test on good-quality mattresses and determine your comfort preference. Try plush and firm mattresses to see which feels more comfortable and supportive. You will need to lay on each for at least 5 minutes to really get an idea of what works for you. Next try other types of mattresses to experience different feels, including memory foam and latex foam mattresses.  Decide what you need to buy based on your preferences.

  • A few questions you should ask once you find a mattress you like:

  • What is inside the mattress that offers proper back and body support?

  • What is inside the mattress that minimizes tossing and turning?

  • There is no perfect mattress that will cure all of your aches and pains. Mattresses and other accessories can only help you sleep more comfortably, provide more support to alleviate hip, back and neck pain, and help you wake up feeling much more refreshed.

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